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Legacy Blue Tattoo

“Friends who are more like family, and a place that’s more like home.”

Here at Legacy Blue, your happiness and satisfaction is our number one priority. In addition to making sure you leave here with quality artwork, we would also like to ensure that you enjoy your time spent hanging out with us. While all of our artists have the common ground of being some of the best of their trade, they each have no issue incorporating their own technique, character and - ardor into their work. In that, each of their one-of-a-kind personalities extend beyond their tattoos and overflow into the atmosphere making for a creative and colorful environment! Not only do we have a passion for what we do, but we also have a passion for how we do it.



Come on in for a free consultation and meet the team.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Legacy Blue Family!

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Get on one of our artists books by leaving a (minimum of) $50 non-refundable deposit. 

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check out some of our custom legacy blue merch!

To add to the creative atmosphere here at the studio, a member of the Tatum clan, Nancy as well as our receptionist Shirley  make beautiful handmade custom Legacy Blue Tattoo themed creations! We have a variety of choices and new products being added frequently! Have a particular color combination in mind or a different creative request? Not a problem! Reach out for custom requests, get pricing and other merch information.

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